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Caregivers Play Many Roles

Most people assume that caregivers are just there to help with activities of daily living, which include personal hygiene, cleaning, cooking, and medication reminders. Yes, caregiver do complete tasks such as these as part of their job but they do much more than that. At Virginia Home Care Services for example, before a snow storm we call all of our clients to make sure they ask their caregivers to complete other tasks like picking up their medications, picking up food from the grocery store, and getting things prepared in lieu of a big snow storm which could render them immobile. That is just one example of how Virginia Home Care Services goes above and beyond to help our clients and their familes. Other tasks that our caregivers help with include:

  • Managing side effects from medications
  • Reporting problems with housing, vehicles, and other essentials.
  • Trying to keep other family members and friends informed of what’s happening with individuals care.
  • Helping to decide whether a treatment is working and things that may be improved.