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The Not So Golden Years

FAQHeader For many seniors, from the time of retirement on, it does not feel like their “golden years”. In some situations individuals have a hard time completing everyday tasks such as doing laundry or dishes. Even cooking or walking to the mailbox may feel like an overwhelming and daunting task. Asking for help or the feeling as though they are a burden to their loved ones drives many seniors to keep performing daily tasks on their own, even though it may be detrimental to their health. Feeling like a burden to their children and loved ones is a common accordance for the elderly population. Family members may not want to argue, cause stress, or overwhelm their loved ones by insisting they receive outside help. This is often frustrating for families and can cause an apathetic attitude towards getting the help that a senior may really need. So how can family caregivers help aging relatives overcome the reluctance to ask for help?

  • Start mentioning the possibility of receiving additional help in advance.
  • Address the possibilities of falling, serious injury, or household needs.
  • Stress that asking for help is actually a sign of strength and is not burdensome.
  • Express that working together with family or a caregiver strengthens communication.
  • Help your loved ones understand that caregivers help their clients to maintain their independence.

To make this transition a little easier, Virginia Home Care Services can help alleviate concerns about your loved ones being alone and needing help with any activities of daily living. We provide assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, getting to and from doctors appointments, or post-hospitalization care among other daily tasks. In-home care services provide a workable solution to meeting your loved ones needs, while allowing the them and family members to enjoy burden-free relationship.