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Home Health Aide in Virginia: What Makes a Great Caregiver?

A home health aide needs to have a few key attributes to separate them from the pack, most people have a good deal of compassion and empathy for others but it takes much more than this to be a great caregiver! Patience, honesty, the right attitude, respect, and professionalism are a few qualities our home health aides at Virginia Home Care Services posses that make them truly stand out. Even though we only employ individuals that have gone through specific training, which include certified nursing assistants or home health aide training, we also make certain that they have a natural aptitude to be great.

1. Patience

Being patient with a client means enduring difficult situations not only without annoyance and anger, but having the compassion to understand the strain that an elderly or disabled individual can be under. It is very important for caregivers to put the client first, whether dementia is an issue, or someone is set in their ways, home health aides need to be understanding, accommodating, and most of all patient!

2. Honesty

Aside from running criminal background checks on all of our employees, they also go through a rigorous interview process to ensure our clients safety. Honesty means much more to us than just that, it means caregivers handle their responsibilities accurately and can be accountable for their actions. It also means they understand the importance of their jobs and arrange for time off in advance, give proper notice for when they can’t make it to work, and deal with every situation in a honest and professional matter. Honesty means working with integrity and reliability with their company and clients.

3. The Right Attitude

No matter how dire the situation, a home health aide must go into his or her job with the right attitude and demeanor. Sometimes, the only things a client needs is for someone around them to have a positive attitude to brighten up their day. Our staff not only plays the role of a caregiver, but go above and beyond to be a friend and a shoulder to lean on. That is why having a caregiver with the right attitude can make all the difference in a clients life.

4. Respect

Following a care plan, observing a client’s needs and wants, and achieving the highest possible results in their work is what we look for in caregivers. Our staff respect our clients, themselves, and their professions. Being a home health aide is a very tough job. The best caregivers are the ones that show respect to their clients and the other people that surround them. By doing this they gain respect for themselves and everyone around them.

5. Professionalism

Being a professional is what ties all the attributes of being a great home health aide together. Showing up to work on time, treating the client with respect and honesty, showing patience, and possessing a great attitude is what makes a great caregiver. At Virginia Home Care Services, we strive to hire individuals who posses these key attributes. By offering the best care possible for you and your loved ones we set ourselves apart from our competitors.