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Two More Reasons to Get Certified

Additional reasons to enroll in our HHA Course and get certified include: higher pay and a larger number of prospective employers. A look at the impact of certification on each follows.


Higher Pay

According to a recent report, the Home Health Aide salary in the U.S. is approximately $20,610 per year, which places it near the bottom of the pay scale for all healthcare industry jobs. However, among the top 10% of earners (made-up almost entirely of CHHAs), the mean salary increases to $29,530.

The implication here is clear – certification has a tremendously positive effect on the earning power of home caregivers and is essential for anyone serious about a career in this field.

 Job Opportunities

As was mentioned in the previous section, more and more states and home care agencies now require their employees to have a HHA certificate. Therefore, by becoming certified, you dramatically increase the pool of jobs for which you may be qualified.


Becoming a Certified Home Health Aide

If you’ve decided to become a Certified Home Health Aide, your first order of business is to register for our course and receive all the training you need! Fortunately, we call classes running now so please call today!

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